Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm Back!

I'm back although I didn't really go anywhere. Basically I found myself running out of steam for this blog. I had exhausted the ideas I had to share with my readers along with dealing with family issues that kept me distracted. I apologize dear ones but I needed to take the time to 'chill' for a while so I could bring you something fresh.

When I started this blog it was with the idea that there are other like-minded creative types coming into the Hebrew roots walk. I've had a difficult time searching out more Hebrew themed craft materials, especially linking Judah and Ephraim. Instead of just showing you what I've done I will be introducing some ideas in future posts to make your own (semi)raw materials to use and projects to use them on. Also I've been prompted to add more substance to my posts in the way of encouraging Scripture and maybe tidbits of what I've learned. This is a scary step for me. I may stumble and fall on my face sometimes but  I'm looking forward to the future and sharing with you dear ones.

Recently I viewed a YouTube video in which a crafter was painting flowers on white ceramic tile purchased from a home improvement store. She used Folkart brand enamel from the craft store but, since I had stained glass paint left from my last project,  I used what I already had. The tile cost all of 32 cents. What a bargain! I love it when my crafting costs so little. These tiles came in two sizes 4 square inches and 6 square inches. The larger of the two cost approximately 46 cents.

I started my project with making a simple stencil out of heavy paper. I used a soft lead pencil to trace my stencil onto the tile. I had to take care in this step because the pencil mark could be wiped off very easily. You could also transfer your pattern with graphite transfer paper. The outline of my motif  was applied and then the motif was filled in with the paint. I then freehand painted stripes on the tile.

Folkart Enamels or stained glass paint could be used.

The finished tile is a little bit folk-artsy but I like it. This could be used for a coaster (put cork or felt buttons on the backside first) or displayed using a small plate or picture frame stand.