Friday, February 28, 2014

Hamantashan In Magnet Form

After a bout with creative block, the continuing paperwork for my departed dad and the bone-chilling temperatures that refuse to leave, I have finally gotten back into working on things to post on my blogs.

With Purim rushing towards us, I have come up with more related ideas. My first endeavor is a set of Hamantashan refrigerator magnets made out of Sculpey clay. First I rolled out a piece of clay to my desired thickness. After deciding on what size I wanted my magnets to be, I used a circle templet to mark the clay and cut it out carefully with a sharp craft knife. I then folded the edges over just like making the cookie. Into the 275 degree oven they went for 20 minutes. I let them cool and painted them with craft paints. To make the 'cookie filling' I squeezed copper colored glitter glue into the filling area. After the glue dried I glued magnets on the backs. One word of advice: Use a heavier magnet on these because of the weight. I used lighter magnet material and will have to go back and glue on heavier ones. With light weight magnets I'm afraid my hamantashan will fly off the fridge when I open the door!

A close up so you can see the 'filling'.
There are many recipes for Hamantashan on the internet. Last year I tried to make a batch but they would hold together for me. They came out of the oven looking pretty limp but still tasted good.  This year I'm using a different recipe for my cookies. Try, try again!

I'll be continuing on this theme for next week...a table runner with hamantashan shapes.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


It seems that everyone who sews and/or quilts has a piece of fabric that they admired so much it's hard to cut into that fabric to create something from. That is true of myself although I admit I have a hard time with more than one selection of fabric that I can't bear to use because I like it so much. This week's project is based on that very idea. I purchased a half yard of this fabric last year and couldn't figure what to do with it. I've been fighting a cold and I decided that I needed something simple this week to share so it was back to an old standby and I had to cut into it....OW! One cannot have too many potholders so potholders it was. Besides I was wearing out the old ones or at least trying to.

I still have quite a bit left of this fabric and now I probably have too many ideas for the remainder of it. A basket to hold warm bagels? Hot mats for the table? Then there is always more potholders for gifts. Hmmmm...the possibilities are endless.

Have a blessed Shabbat dear ones.