Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Priorities In Order

Hello dear ones. I admit it. My priorities are out of skew. I didn't start my project for this week until late this afternoon. My fingers are wearing out and it's taking me an hour to cross stitch each letter. This project just isn't going to be completed this evening. I could make many excuses...had to weed the veggie garden, grocery shopping, cooking supper, doing laundry. The fact of the matter is I did not take time each morning to sit at the feet my King like Mary and listen to (read, study) His Word. I didn't take time to pray. So you see what happens when my priorities are out of order...Kaos! And then I can't accomplish what He has put on my heart.  Please forgive me as I get back on course.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Way To Learn Your Hebrew Letters

I found this wonderful bright fabric at and couldn't resist purchasing a small amount to play with.
After it sat in my fabric stash for a time, I decided it would suit the border of a table runner. I drafted and assembled three simple blocks, added the border and machine quilted the runner.

I wanted to post this on time but I'm out of steam tonight and am not going to get it finished for the posting. The only thing I have left to do is put the binding on.
And just think. With this runner on the kitchen table I can study my Hebrew letters while I dine.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Project...Psuedo Stained Glass

Can you believe this? I'm actually posting before midnight this week.

This week's project came about because I was pawing through my art supplies and came across a watercolor sampler set that I had been given many years ago and never used. The brand of the paint is Rotring. As I was reading the printed material that came with the set I discovered that they could be used on glass, ceramic, plastic or what-have-you.  Hmmm....the mind started up and began to whirl. I was thinking that I could purchase a piece of plexiglass...the kind that is already cut to size for a picture frame. However, since I'd rather use what I have since I'm on a kick to deplete my supplies, I found a small frame with glass in it to use. I removed the backing, broke the holding tabs off of the frame and cleaned the glass. I also attached screw eyes at the top and bottom of the frame.
I then decided on a design to use as a template and drew it up on scrap paper. I placed the glass over the design and proceeded to paint the glass.
While the paint dried I strung up some glass beads and pearls to hang from the frame. Next I glued the glass into the frame and hung it in the window (using an old chain necklace to hang it with).
...Elohim will provide Himself a lamb... Genesis 22:8
Because the watercolor paint in this set is transparent it makes it perfect for the stained glass effect. There are other paints in the craft stores that would give the same effect. Check out alcohol inks. These can be applied to glass too.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Sparkle For Shabbat

I use to decorate for 'the holidays' in my old life but now, since coming into walking in the 613 principles of the Torah, I enjoy decorating for the Feast Days of Yahweh. Since we are a distance away from the fall Feasts and wanting to keep in celebration mode, I designed something I can display every Shabbat. As you know keeping the Sabbath is what marks Yahweh's people as His own. Now I can remind the world that Shabbat is here when I hang this display.
I found the idea for this hanging on another blogs I sometimes follow. One blogger calls this a  'bunting'. I created it by making a triangle template from cardboard. Then I trace around the template onto felt. I cut out two triangle shapes for each letter and sewed them together for stiffness. the now-sewer could just glue the triangles together. I proceeded to freehand paint the letters on using good quality silver acrylic craft paint. Cheap paint doesn't have enough pigment in it and will be too transparent for this project. You may have to put two or three coats of paint on. Next I outlined the letter with silver glitter glue. When that dried I hand stitched silver rope trim to each letter in which to hang my bunting with.
Closeup of my letter.