Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Sparkle For Shabbat

I use to decorate for 'the holidays' in my old life but now, since coming into walking in the 613 principles of the Torah, I enjoy decorating for the Feast Days of Yahweh. Since we are a distance away from the fall Feasts and wanting to keep in celebration mode, I designed something I can display every Shabbat. As you know keeping the Sabbath is what marks Yahweh's people as His own. Now I can remind the world that Shabbat is here when I hang this display.
I found the idea for this hanging on another blogs I sometimes follow. One blogger calls this a  'bunting'. I created it by making a triangle template from cardboard. Then I trace around the template onto felt. I cut out two triangle shapes for each letter and sewed them together for stiffness. the now-sewer could just glue the triangles together. I proceeded to freehand paint the letters on using good quality silver acrylic craft paint. Cheap paint doesn't have enough pigment in it and will be too transparent for this project. You may have to put two or three coats of paint on. Next I outlined the letter with silver glitter glue. When that dried I hand stitched silver rope trim to each letter in which to hang my bunting with.
Closeup of my letter.

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Tamathyah said...

What a great idea to do every Shabbat :-)