Thursday, September 26, 2013

Simchat Torah Is Here!

It took some thought to decide what kind of a project I should post this week. I've been looking at videos on YouTube of Simchat Torah celebrations. The term Simchat Torah means "Joy of Torah" and these celebrations are certainly joyous! The Torah scroll is the center piece of this celebration and there is so much dancing and singing around the written Word of YHWH that a second theme can be introduced to our crafting.

This year I decided on making another little decorator pillow with a dancing theme.
I try to use crafting materials I already have and this was no exception. I chose some purple and white satins and cut them to the desired size. The white satin was applied to the purple with heat bonding web and outlined with glitter glue to seal the raw fabric. The words were written with a gel pen and Simchat Torah was written with glitter glue. When the glitter glue was dry (this took some time to patient) I then went to the sewing machine and sewed the back of the pillow to the front. A shoe shape was cut out from glitter encrusted canvas left over from a Purim project and glued on the pillow. The last touch was adding ribbons gathered together.

Now put on your dancing shoes, turn up the music and dance around the precious Word of our King. Celebrate! with Lenny and Varna singing Simchat Torah.

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