Friday, February 28, 2014

Hamantashan In Magnet Form

After a bout with creative block, the continuing paperwork for my departed dad and the bone-chilling temperatures that refuse to leave, I have finally gotten back into working on things to post on my blogs.

With Purim rushing towards us, I have come up with more related ideas. My first endeavor is a set of Hamantashan refrigerator magnets made out of Sculpey clay. First I rolled out a piece of clay to my desired thickness. After deciding on what size I wanted my magnets to be, I used a circle templet to mark the clay and cut it out carefully with a sharp craft knife. I then folded the edges over just like making the cookie. Into the 275 degree oven they went for 20 minutes. I let them cool and painted them with craft paints. To make the 'cookie filling' I squeezed copper colored glitter glue into the filling area. After the glue dried I glued magnets on the backs. One word of advice: Use a heavier magnet on these because of the weight. I used lighter magnet material and will have to go back and glue on heavier ones. With light weight magnets I'm afraid my hamantashan will fly off the fridge when I open the door!

A close up so you can see the 'filling'.
There are many recipes for Hamantashan on the internet. Last year I tried to make a batch but they would hold together for me. They came out of the oven looking pretty limp but still tasted good.  This year I'm using a different recipe for my cookies. Try, try again!

I'll be continuing on this theme for next week...a table runner with hamantashan shapes.

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Tamathyah said...

They look good enough to eat ;-)