Thursday, February 6, 2014


It seems that everyone who sews and/or quilts has a piece of fabric that they admired so much it's hard to cut into that fabric to create something from. That is true of myself although I admit I have a hard time with more than one selection of fabric that I can't bear to use because I like it so much. This week's project is based on that very idea. I purchased a half yard of this fabric last year and couldn't figure what to do with it. I've been fighting a cold and I decided that I needed something simple this week to share so it was back to an old standby and I had to cut into it....OW! One cannot have too many potholders so potholders it was. Besides I was wearing out the old ones or at least trying to.

I still have quite a bit left of this fabric and now I probably have too many ideas for the remainder of it. A basket to hold warm bagels? Hot mats for the table? Then there is always more potholders for gifts. Hmmmm...the possibilities are endless.

Have a blessed Shabbat dear ones.

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Tamathyah said...

Love these :-) Such a great fabric pattern.