Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hebrew Themed Paper Punches

I'm taking a break from pre-Passover cleaning and getting this post up before the week is gone. Yes, I started cleaning earlier this year. It seems I can't get more than halfway through cleaning the kitchen let alone the rest of the house otherwise. I confess that I really don't like to clean.

Now the reason for this post... My daughter told me about paper punches she had seen at the local Hobby Lobby store. I didn't find them the first time I looked but on the second trip...Bingo!

The smaller punches are the Star of David and a dreidel. Those were the ones my daughter told me about. I also found a crown that is a larger size. Both packages were $9.99 but the store's website always has 40% of coupons so that makes the purchase a bit more economic.

There are so many projects to use these on. I just make make my own confetti! LOL

So, back to my cleaning and thinking about what I'm serving for our Passover seder. 

Be Blessed Dear Ones!

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