Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Cup Of Coffee And A LIttle Dove

Recently I purchased an unfinished wooden tray at the craft store. And in my fabric stash I have this wonderful fabric with little doves on it that just was crying out to become part of my latest project. So...what to make with them? Well, since winter is behind us for a while and the main veggie garden has been planted, now there is time for that leisurely cup of coffee or tea on the patio in the morning.  (Don't be hard on me. I spent a week's worth of labor just on turning the soil over. I deserve that cup of coffee!) And to carry that cup of coffee and, of course, a sweet treat to go with it, I needed a nice tray with which to carry it.

I sanded, painted, trimmed with gold paint and sealed my tray.
Pretty plain isn't it?

Next step. I needed something to place at the bottom of the tray. And so, the fabric with the little doves came into play. A sort of tray rug which, without the tray would have been called a mug rug, was created.
This was constructed like a quilt with layers sandwiched together. Like the hot mats I made in a previous post, this also has a layer of  heat reflective material inside. It keeps the heat from your cup radiating back to the cup and keeps the contents warm a little longer.

If you aren't a quilter but want the same effect, there are what is called 'cheater' fabric. This cheater fabric has many different designs that look like patchwork and would would satisfy the non-quilter. And if you didn't want to sew the layers together, you might layer your fabrics in the tray and just tuck the edges under so they can't be seen. I won't tell if you don't.

Now all I have to do is get that patio table and chairs out and enjoy the sunshine.
This is the third time I've created something for this blog with this little dove in it. His Holy Spirit works in interesting ways. Shalom my friends. Have a wonderful and refreshing Shabbat this week.


Anonymous said...

I've started making MugRugs... love them... really like the tray you have!

Roxanne said...

Thank you!