Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Last Thursday's Project

I finally completed the project slated for last Thursday. It was one of those overwhelming weeks. But now hopefully I'm back on track!

I designed the following as I went. Some changes took place as I worked on it from what I had originally had in mind. Back I went to my old standby cross stitch for this project. It's a simple design, very straight forward. Look closely and you'll see that I outlined 'Shema' in shiny gold thread. And notice that I stitched each line in a different color. I think it adds interest to the piece.
I took a picture of it before it was framed because the glass in the frame tends to glare when it's photographed. I'll be adding the framed piece to a wall arrangement that I'll share in a future post.  And I might even get another project done for Thursday to share with you.

1 comment:

Tamathyah said...

You are such a sweet soul. I believe you were sitting at the Father's feet every time you worked on this. You were shemaing Him craftily :-)