Thursday, July 25, 2013

Influencing Your Style

Have you seen those French inspired linens that have written words as a motif? I really like that style and decided to use it in my latest place mats for Shabbat. I designed the place mats using fabric scraps left over from other projects. The word Shabbat was first planned out and written on drawing paper. This was taped to the desk and the scrap of fabric was placed over it and also taped down to the desk. The word could be seen through the fabric and I proceeded to trace it using a #2 calligraphy tip and acrylic ink. I tested several colors of ink and decided to use black.
I added other sections of fabric and finished them off.
I had just enough fabric of each color to make two place mats. Since it's just my husband and me, two place mats are just perfect.

The word I chose to use for my place mats may not be in French but it does give a sense of the style I'm trying to achieve. I'm hoping that my readers will be inspired to take the style they like and make it their own.

As an after thought for non-sewers or those who don't want to, consider using ready made place mats and write your thoughts and/or designs on those using fabric markers. And add words to pretty napkins to match.

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