Thursday, August 8, 2013

In Anticipation Of A Future Journey

I, like many of my viewers, dream of a trip to Israel. The option isn't available to me at the present time but I thought I'd have fun with a little fantasy. I found an small and unfinished wooden suitcase at the local craft store. It measures about 3 by 5 inches with a depth of 1 3/4 inches.
I lightly sanded it and painted it with an acrylic base coat. Then the fun began. I made a copy of a map of Israel, shrunk it in size and printed it up on my copier. Next I typed up words in English and Hebrew on my office program and printed them up. I cut the border off of the map and cut the words out. Everything was glued onto the suitcase and sealed. I felt that it still needed something so I floated a darker color acrylic paint on the edges of the suitcase.

I may not be able to travel to Israel for now but this continues to wet my whistle for the Holy Land. And I plan to be packing a much larger suitcase when the opportunity arises. :)