Thursday, August 15, 2013

This Little Tune Kept Going Through My Head...

...and I had to act on it. This week's project is the name of our beloved Tzion spelled out in a display.

First I drew my chosen letters on mat board and cut two of each out using a straight edge and an craft knife. I also cut the same shapes out of thin (1/4 inch) styrofoam that was came in packing material. I proceeded to glue together each letter sandwich style...a set of two letters with the  styrofoam in between.
Raw materials

The letters cut out.
Sandwiched layers.
After gluing the 'sandwiches' together I trimmed the edges with gold lame type ribbon. The the letters were glued onto a base made the same way as the letters.
You can see the gold ribbon trimming the edge of the letters.

I ran out of gold ribbon and trimmed the edge of the base another trim instead. It seems to work.
 I've seen tutorials on making 3D cardboard letters but this method went a lot faster. 

I hope you enjoy the following YouTube video...a song about Tzion.

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