Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chewing On My Journal

I wrote on my post of three weeks ago that I was starting a journal on the land of Israel. Since I must wait to actually go there I decided to educate myself on everything available about it. Keeping a journal would fit the bill but where to start?

Originally I was planning to accumulate my material in a pre-bound sketchbook but, with so much subject matter available, I decided to use a large three ringed notebook. I will be able to use different materials like watercolor paper, scrapbook paper, cardstock, etc. that appeals to me as a base for each page. By working on individual pages I won't be confined to keeping my pages in order and can skip around to different subjects as I discover them.

I have different ideas for covering my journal still cooking in my brain. However, I've decided to start with a title page first.
The internet is such a valuable tool for this kind of project. Just enter a subject in the search engine and there you will find much more than you thought possible on any subject matter.

A word of caution for you however. You will find free images of Israel on some websites but I found often that after you sign up for the freebies they either want payment (false advertising) or a watermark is left on the photo and you may not be able to use the full image. Be careful to give credit to those who ask for it and also watch out for copyright infringement.

I will be posting a list of subjects as I discover them on a sidebar on this blog and decide which to pursue. To start my list will include places of interest in the land (first and foremost), things about nature like plant and animal life, music, the arts, etc. By the time I fill my journal it will feel like I've already been to the land and settled in. :)

I should have my title page ready to share in my next post. Stay tuned.......

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