Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Five Books Of The Torah

I wanted to do something artsy this week for my readers but my efforts turned more towards the simple. In one of my recent posts I shared a gift created by a dear sister Lois who had gone home to our Abba and sent to me by her husband. When I opened the package I found a beautiful mini prayer shawl inside. On each side was appliqued the letter Shin.
I decided to base my project around this letter. While I forgot to take photos of my progress, my explanation is pretty straight forward.
First I measured the size of an unfinished picture frame I had in my stash. Then I cut out two pieces of watercolor paper to fit the frame. One of the pieces of paper I painted with navy blue craft paint. When that was dry I went over it with a heavy dose of glitter paint and set it aside. Next a stencil was cut of the Shin and transferred to the second sheet of watercolor paper. I then cut it out with an Exacto swivel stencil cutter. (This was the first time I used that stencil cutter and it was really easy and worked quite well. I highly recommend it if you haven't already tried using one.) Around the cut out shape I drew the outline of the letter with a dip pen and gold acrylic ink. After some thought I came to the conclusion that the only thing I could decorated the rest of piece with would be the names of the five books of the Torah. When I was finished penning in those names I glued the two pieces together so that the glittered surface would be outlined by the cutout.Next the frame was painted with colors that would complement the piece. Finally all was assembled and now I have another reminder of what my Abba has shared with me.

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