Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dabbling In A Little Time

I thought it was time (pun intended) to learn how to read the clock in Hebrew.  I had an old clock to experiment on and experiment I did.

I forget to take a picture of said clock before the experiment started but this clock is almost identical to  my victim.
First I taped off the glass to protect it during painting then I painted a base coat of craft acrylic paint on that poor battered clock.
That followed with an acrylic paint wash of the finish coat. I was going to put more coats of the color I chose but I rather liked the effect with just the first coat. The tape was removed from the glass and I continued.
Next came wood discs that would show the Hebrew letters to be painted, first with a flat base coat  and then with a transparent metallic paint.
I then painted the appropriate Hebrew letters on each disc to add to my clock.
I carefully glued each letter onto the frame of the clock.
And....the big reveal....
Now I can get used to seeing the numbers on my clock with the Hebrew letters.

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Tamathyah said...

My fav by far!! Another awesome idea :-)