Saturday, January 18, 2014

Title Page

I finished the title page of my exploring Israel journal late yesterday afternoon but my computer decided it needed a long rest. After three crashes in probably an hour I decided to give up and wait until tonight. It was still acting up so after I backed up all my files my husband took charge and proceeded to show it who was boss. LOL After some adjustments and deletions my computer seems back to it's former self. At least we can hope so.

My first attempt was unacceptable to me so I went back to the drawing board and finally arrived at this:
I decided to use a large 3-ring notebook to place my journal pages in instead of a sketchbook. That way I can add my various entries in any order I wish. The hardest part is where to start. Should I accumulate facts and pictures on cities (Jerusalem being first of course), scenery, wildlife, etc? This will definitely take a long time to do. Meanwhile ideas for new creations are already bubbling to the surface.

I'll be back soon. Lehitraot!

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Tamathyah said...

I'm already loving it!!