Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Little Reminder

After going through my crafting supplies and formatting an idea for this week, off I went to the local craft store. I found wooden letters that would suit my purpose along with a wood plaque. Instead of spelling my chosen word in Hebrew I chose English. I wanted to make sure the message on this plaque would 'hit me in the face' every time I saw it and I would obey it's direction.

What word did I choose?  PRAY!  Can't get more direct than that. I find I get busy with every day distractions and I need all the reminders to pray that I can get. (I also set my timer 3 times a day to make those prayers happen.) I'm placing this plaque on a narrow wall space next to my studio door at eye level.
These are the components for my plaque. The plaque was unfinished and the letters were painted black. I had to prime the letters so they would take the finished coat of metallic craft paint. The plaque had 2 coats of paint and an eyelet to hang it by was attached to the top. I glued the letters onto the plaque and trimmed it with metallic ribbon.

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