Friday, March 7, 2014

More Hamantashan

As I indicated in my last post I'm still on a Hamantashan kick. After making fridge magnets in the shape of that famous cookie the quilter in me rose to the surface and I thought why not incorporated the idea into a table runner of sorts. The photos following will show my progress.

First I decided on the size I wanted. I drew a circle about 8 inches in diameter on cardstock. After cutting it out, I traced it on the backside of the fabrics I chose. 

Next I placed two layers of my fabric rights sides together, cut the circles out leaving some selvage. I sewed the cutouts slowly to keep them accurate.

I trimmed the selvage and clipped it for ease.

Next I pulled two layers apart and carefully clipped one layer with an opening big enough to turn the shape right side out. Don't worry. this cut in the fabric will be hidden.
I took another piece of cardstock and measured a equal sided triangle out, then cut it out to use and my fold pattern. After tracing around it, I used those lines as fold lines and ironed them to make them more pronounced.

I took each 'cookie', matched the fold lines together with another 'cookie' and sewed down the fold line. Each cookie was sown onto the previous one until the row of cookies was the length I desired. Next I made another triangle pattern slightly smaller to use for the 'filling' of the cookie. These filling pieces were cut out and bound to each cookie with Heat and Bond. As you can see in the following picture the cut I made to turn my cookies right side out is covered by the filling.
The following pictures show how each cookie in the assembly was folded and sewn down. If you have ever made the cathedral window block, you will see this is a similar technique .

 The grand finale! My Hamantashan cookie runner.

Lately I'm been interested in making narrow table runners but I think that this one would have benefited from adding another row of  'cookies'.  However I used what was in my stash and I only had enough fabric to make one row.

This was just an idea that I will be using as a take off to pursue in the future.

Purim will take next week before my next post so I wish you all a Happy Purim! Get those niosemakers out and have at it! Love you all. See you next week!

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