Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thinking About Purim

Purim is fast approaching and before we know it Pesach will be here. I've been trying to come up with something to represent Purim this year so I'll start with 'crowns'.

I always try to use materials that I have on hand first and that may limit what I want to present. However I think you'll like this idea.

Those battery operated candles from the $ store are great if you're concerned about real lighted candles and the safety of your children. So, how can you dress them up? Here's my idea.

I started by making a pattern. Measure the circumference and height of your candle. Be sure to add a little extra to overlap and a little to be taller than your candle. Use fancy paper, glittery craft foam, scrapbooking paper (there are some pretty sparkly ones available) or any material that is flexible enough to wrap around your candle and hold their shape. Transfer your pattern on the backside of your chosen material and cut out. Overlap and glue the edges but don't make it so tight that it won't slip over the candle.

Materials that I had on hand...Heavy gold embossed wrapping paper and glitter encrusted craft foam.

Craft foam on the right. Heavy wrapping paper on the left with sequins and jewels added.

The lighted 'fake' candle inside the candle cover.

This would make a fun project for the kids too. So get out your supplies and glue and go at it. Have fun! Shalom Dear Ones.

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