Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tree Of Life

There are many motifs or symbols of this journey in the Hebrew roots of the Bible. One that is jumping out at me today is the Tree of Life. This will be a very easy project for you. It will take just a minimum amount of time to produce.

For this project first I painted a frame with mustard gold acrylic for a base coat then used a tissue to blot on a metallic gold acrylic over the base coat. I chose a Scripture from Proverbs 11:30...The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life... Then I penciled the words around the frame and copied the words with a dip pen and fluid acrylic ink. You could use a fine tip marker instead for the words instead.
Next I cut a piece of matboard to fit the opening and penciled in a tree, after which I went over the pencils with a permanent fine marker. Adding a light wash of watercolor for the trunk and leaves finishes the drawing/painting. Lastly I popped the tree rendering into the frame. See, I told you it was an easy project.

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Tamathyah said...

This would be great to make a family tree of a small family :-)