Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Veggie Garden Flags

At the request of a sister in Yeshua I've come up with vegetable garden markers. The construction is the same as a past post in which I shared a garden flag that I made with you. These are just a smaller version of the same.
These are made of outdoor canvas from the fabric store. I cut each flag 3 inches x 5 1/2 inches using a rotary cutter and straightedge for nice straight edges. I then folded over approximately 3/4 inch for a rod pocket and sewed the edge on my sewing machine. These are so small that they could be sewn quickly by hand.

Next I sought out the Hebrew word for each vegetable in my Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionary. While one Hebrew word is many words in English many times, I think I am safe looking up the Hebrew word for my vegetables in this case. I penciled in the word for each and a simple outline for each vegetable .
We aren't entering an art competition here so relax and just sketch out the picture of your chosen veggie. Only you and the veggie will be concerned whether you are an artist or not. And the veggie won't tattle on you if you aren't!
 Finally I painted them with acrylic craft paint. (Please excuse the quality of my photos. Our wifi router is toast and we are waiting for delivery of our new one. Meanwhile I'm posting on my huband's PC instead of my laptop were my Photoshop program is and I can't crop my photos as I wish.)

Galvanized wire 14 inches long was cut and bent appropriately for each flag.
I finished planting this year's vegetable garden this morning so I have many more of these little markers to make.

And just a note to my readers: I've made a habit of posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays but, because I will be tending the veggie garden and canning much of it's produce the next three months, I will be only posting on Thursdays for sure and hit and miss on Tuesdays.


Tamathyah said...

Love it :-)

Roxanne said...

Thank you. A very simple and easy project to do.