Friday, March 28, 2014

A Pesach Project

I'm still working on adding more to my Pesach tablescape. This week I fashioned a three-panel display. It would work well on my table and also fit in as a display with other Pesach decorations.

First I cut three identically sized foam board panels. I covered the panels with glitter impregnated felt that I had in my stash of supplies after I trimmed the edges with narrow ribbon. I spaced the panels a short distance from each other on the felt in anticipation of using the felt as a hinge  between the panels. Since the felt pieces weren't long enough to place on one side of the three panels, I glued two panels to the first piece of felt and a piece of felt to the third panel. I flipped the panels over and proceeded to do just opposite on the backside of the panels. I know this is possibly confusing for my readers to understand but in essence what I did was create a hinged three-panel display.


  Once the three panels were assembled into one unit the fun part began. I drew number stencils in reverse representing the year on the back of glittered canvas. I cut them out and glued them to the middle panels.

Then fancy ribbon was applied on each panel and the appropriate words were a added with dimensional glitter paint. The backside of my display is identical to the front so it can be view on both sides when placed on a table.
The project I posted last week of the candle holders went perfectly with my panels. I'll be adding these items to last year's projects on my Pesach table this year. My collection is growing.

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