Thursday, March 13, 2014

Looking Towards Spring

I wasn't sure if I would be posting again before Purim so I didn't have another Purim inspired project planned. However I have been working on a new flag for my garden. Since snow is still on the ground and the garden is still asleep I'll have to wait to hang this in the garden.
I made the flag from outdoor canvas left over from making last year's flag. The Hebrew prayer stencil was designed by Jessica Sporn and can be purchased at   For those of you who can't read Hebrew (Don't feel bad, I'm not even at the Dick and Jane level yet) this is the priestly blessings from Numbers 6: 24-26
               May YHVH bless you and keep you
               May YHVH cause His face to shine upon you
               and be gracious to you
               May YHVH lift up His face towards you and give you peace.
This stencil was rather expensive compared to all the other stencils in my collection but it was perfect for my project. I also plan to use it on other creations. If anyone wants to purchase one but it may be too expensive for you (it costs almost as much for shipping as the purchase price) consider sharing the cost with another crafter.
To fill out more of the space on the flag I added the same Menorah stencil I used on my candle jar snuggy in a past post. That stencil can be found at
I'm not affiliated in any way with these sources but I just wanted to share them with you.
The flower vine stencil was one purchased at a local craft store.

I can't leave the glitter alone and I embellished the candle flames with glitter glue. Time with tell if the glitter will survive the summer weather.

Now I really can't wait for spring so I can hang my flag out where it will greet my visitors.

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