Friday, March 21, 2014

Getting Ready For Passover

The cleaning has begun this week. The first room is my studio and supplies closet. If I wait until the week before Pesach I can barely get the kitchen done so I'm attempting an early start. Maybe I can get the whole house clean in time this year.

I've been brainstorming what projects to share leading up to Pesach. (Still brainstorming...LOL) This week's presentation is a set of candle holders for my Pesach table. A friend had gifted me with a kit of stained glass paint and I purchased two glass votive candle holders at a local $ store. I decided to use votive candle holders instead of regular taper holders to save my tablecloth from dripping wax as the candles burned.

First I drew my designs on paper. Actually I reused patterns I had previously used in other projects. I prepared the glass as per directions. Then I taped my designs inside of the candle holders.
My designs were outlined with the 'fake' lead that came with the kit.
Next I proceeded to apply the paint, not an easy task. Because the glass is rounded, the paint kept migrating and pooling at the sides of the design. I was concerned that it would spill over and run down the glass.

Here is my finished project.

I placed the letter Shin and a dove on each votive. This gives the choice of a different orientation to place them on the table.

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