Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Finished Project

On a past post I described decorating a new Tzedekah box by using a cocoa box to replace a dollar store gift box that I was using for that purpose. If you look close you'll see that the paper on the box has little dots of glitter glue to emphasize the design . I didn't care for the fact that the top to the box was molded with the brand name of the cocoa and pondered how to decorate the top for a while. I came up with a simple solution. The top was traced onto a piece of card stock (any cardboard will do) and cut out to fit into the recess on the top. I glued a piece of fabric to the card stock and then glued the assembly to the top. I then proceeded to glue ribbon matching the color of the paper that decorated the outside of the box. If you desire you could add a slot to the top so you don't have to take off the lid every time you added to your offering.
Every time you come before Yahweh make sure you bring a gift. It may not be much, what ever you can afford, even a penny or two. The whole point of the exercise to to make this a habit that you become accustomed to while you are still in the nations. Make it a way of life that will be with you eternally.

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