Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Jar Candle 'Snuggy'

Do you have a scented candle housed in a jar? The scent can be very nice if it's a higher quality but all of them have labels that can be rather ugly. And they never go with your decor. I've seen covers for these candles in craft magazines and decided to share my version with you.

I measured the circumference of my jar along with the height that I desired for my jar candle 'snuggy'. I added a 1/4 inch seam allowance to the height measure the top and bottom and extra to the circumference for a healthy overlap for the closing. I cut the fabric I wanted to cover the jar with to the those measurements. A backing was cut, placed face to face with the chosen fabric, then sewn together like a pillow with an opening left to turn it right side out positioning button loops made of trim at the back edge. After turning the piece right side out I then top stitched around the edges of the rectangle. I added a menorah previously stenciled to a different square of fabric on the front and gold trim around the edges. It was finished off with two buttons for closure. I'm sorry I couldn't get a closeup of the stenciled design which, by the way, came from   After stenciling the menorah I added some glitter paint to the candle flames.

For the sewing challenged this could be made by using a heat activated webbing to attach everything together. That is except for the buttons. LOL And you could also use velcro closures instead of buttons. Or you could make the whole thing from felt. I would advise, however, that you remove the snuggy from the jar when having the candle lit. Better safe than sorry.

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Tamathyah said...

Another pretty decorative craft :-)