Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stepping Outside Of The Box

Okay, I'm not really talking about boxes here. But I do want to encourage you to think outside of certain parameters. In this case I'll be using non-traditonal(?) colors with my project. I made a toaster cover some time ago and when I planned my latest project I decided to integrate more of the same fabric into it. And so, the following is not made in the colors you may expect of the design but in the colors that suit it's surroundings. (On my computer screen the surrounding fabric looks blue but in reality it has a black background.)

I found  this pattern (of which I enlarged the size) on a wonderful website There are dozens of free quilt block patterns there. The one I used is here  
I enlarged this pattern to make hot mats that measure 7 inches by 8 inches. It is layered with insulated lining and cotton batting. Again I'm trying to give you a touch of Hebrew flavoring. Step out of the box if you make this and use the colors that you love. After all, if our Creator didn't like color, everything you see would be in shades of gray. So go for it!
I bet you couldn't tell I have red in my kitchen she said with a giggle!

I'm looking forward to my next post. I'm creating something I designed myself, not taken from free patterns on the internet this time. Stay turned.

PS I almost forgot to tell you the pattern above was paper pieced and the website it came from gives a great tutorial on it. Enjoy!

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