Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Menorah In Cross Stitch

A while back I made a cross stitch Menorah from a free pattern at this site:  I had to ponder how to use this pattern and I came up with the following.
Since I am a sewer/quilter I decided to turn this into a wall hanging. Sashing was added to the cross stitch peace as a border. Then ribbon and rick-rack were added as trim and I sewed beads on the purple trim and on the candle tips to mimic flames. Lastly strings of beads were sewn on the top and bottom corners and a ribbon added for a hanger. Before I added any of the beading I sewed a backing onto the front pillow style and turned it right side out. I found that it started to droop when I hung it up so I tacked a shortened skewer on the back to stablize it.

I also made a similar one for a friend. The difference was basically that I added the strings of bead to the bottom left and right corners. This gives the flavor of a tallit to the hanging.

I hope you enjoyed my hangings and that you try making this yourself.


Adrianne Brown said...

I LOVE these! The menorah's are lovely and I like all the embellishments you added. I so want to learn to cross stitch and try my hand at these! :)

Roxanne said...

What I forgot to say is that I accentuated the basic cross stitch pattern by outlining it.